Hello. 您好. Oi

My mission is to build technology to shape a valuable and inspiring future. I'm always building something.

I'm an engineer at Brex, working on the Card and building APIs. Before that, I was driving backend engineering for TV and Flights at Apple Siri Search. At Microsoft, I shipped developer tools and worked on Azure.

I am also a winner on Pioneer, which funds projects and startups built by ambitious outsiders around the world.

My domains of interests include fintech and blockchain. I've enjoyed writing about these subjects for publications like HackerNoon.

I was the first in my family to attend college. I graduated from Brown University in Computer Science & Economics, where I was a teaching assistant, hackathon prizewinner, and founder or president of 3 student organizations.

I'm natively fluent in Portuguese, Mandarin, and English. Also an obsessive reader :)