Software engineer at Brex, driving the development of APIs and integrations.

Previous: Backend engineer at Apple Siri Search working on TV & Flights search and Microsoft on cloud infrastructure & developer tools.

Winner on Pioneer, remote accelerator funding projects and startups built by ambitious outsiders around the world.

Interested in financial systems and blockchain. Enjoyed writing about these subjects for publications like HackerNoon.

First in my family to attend college. Graduated from Brown University in Computer Science & Economics, where I was a teaching assistant, hackathon prizewinner, and founder or president of 3 student organizations.

Natively fluent in Portuguese, Mandarin, and English. Always reading :)



Product Search for peer-to-peer marketplaces. Product Hunt | Demo
Winner on Pioneer, an accelerator for projects and startups by “ambitious outsiders”
Presented in online demo day to audience of 400, including Laura Deming (Longevity Fund), Tyler Cowen (economist), Zach Sims (Codecademy) and Patrick McKenzie (Stripe).


Inspired by CryptoKitties, non-fungible tokens representing elements of clean energy.
Also a winner on Pioneer! Blog


Real-time, remote “office hours” with verified medical experts. During COVID-19, we hear a lot of advice/news, but don’t always know what’s accurate. So SnapMed is here to democratize instant access to reliable information. Built with 3 fellow engineers during a COVID-19 hackathon! Devpost

Brex Insights Dashboard

Self-driven project while interviewing at Brex. Read every article I could find about Brex, read through the company’s customer support pages and “reverse-engineered” the Brex Dashboard while incorporating some ideas for new features.


Classifying products with using’s deep learning libraries. Write-up


Top 40 globally on Pioneer leaderboard. A simple toolbox for the everyday investor: Real-time crypto & foreign exchange price alerts, sentiment, analysis

Red Crypto Envelope

Conditional spending on Ethereum.

Ethereum Goals Tracker

A full-stack dApp for accountability. View on Github

Blockchain Whitepapers Written by Neural Networks

Trained an RNN on 160 whitepapers to generate some crypto-jargon from scratch.


Honored to occasionally grace the front page of Hackernoon, a tech blog with with over 2M monthly readers and, an artificial intelligence publication.

Additional Roles

  • On Deck Fellow (Community of experienced founders and talented individuals in the formative stages of starting a company)
  • Brown University Women in Business Advisory Board